I'm often contacted by many people asking whether the earrings sold at earringsbyamy are suitable for people with sensitive ears so this page is here to explain the facts and give true insight from customers themselves about their experience with sensitive ears and earringsbyamy. 

Q: What are the hoops made from?

A: The hoops are made of Alloy metals and are silver plated, not sterling silver. Using silver plated hoops allow the earrings to remain low cost and affordable. The earrings may contain tiny traces of Nickel and Copper which are safe for the ears unless you have an allergy to them. 

Q: Will the earrings irritate my ears?

A: There's no harmful material within the hoops themselves that should irritate your ears however, there is no way I can wholly claim that the earrings will not irritate you because everyone is different. If you're severely prone to irritation, please use your own judgement whether to wear them or not.

If you do have a reaction, please seek medical attention from a pharmacist or doctor. 

Q: What have customers who have sensitive ears said about wearing earrings from earringsbyamy?

A: I have received a large amount of feedback from those with sensitive ears that they have had no reaction or issues wearing earringsbyamy but don't just trust me, here are just some of the customer reviews...