I've tried to include my most common questions on this page but if there's something you are still wondering, please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact me.
Where do you ship?
I only offer shipping within the UK right now - with all the complications of BREXIT, and COVID-19, it’s just not something I can juggle.
Can I track my order?
No. Your orders are sent via first class royal mail which is untracked so once your earrings are dispatched, I cannot provide any more information on their location or tracking, sorry.
Can I change my address?
If you contact me immediately with your order number and correct address, as long as I haven’t yet paid for and  printed out your shipping information, yes. Your orders go directly to my royal mail account so unless I am notified straight away, there is nothing I can do. If the address you entered is invalid, the parcel should hopefully be returned to me and then i will contact you for redelivery whereby you will be responsible for the cost of shipping.
I don't really wear hoops - do you offer hook or clip-on earrings instead?
As I’m a one-woman business, it would be too much for me personally to offer multiple styles of earrings as well as the 100s of charm styles I offer! Simplifying this section allows me to stay efficient
Can you write a gift message in my order?
Yes, of course! If you’re sending a pair or two directly to a friend, let me know who to address the note to and exactly what to say and I’ll add it in as a handwritten note at no extra cost.
Do you accept returns?
I don’t offer returns if you decide you don’t want the product anymore or just change your mind. If your items arrive broken or faulty, please contact me with your order number and proof and I’ll offer you a full refund.
What material are your earrings from? Are they suitable for sensitive skin?
All my jewellery is silver plated, not sterling silver. This is a choice I have to make to remain super low cost! I wear my earrings everyday (since 2019!) and have never had an issue but I can’t confirm or deny if they’ll be safe for you. Please see here for more.
Where do you buy your products from?
I don’t give away my suppliers as this is the foundation of my business and I’ve worked for over a year perfecting my suppliers and sources.
Why are your products so cheap? You could definitely charge more.
I’m so happy that you think my products are affordable as this is my main goal - to be accessible to all. However, even £2.50 for earrings isn’t super cheap for people with very little income (e.g. students, those who are unemployed or those from low-income households) so I will never increase my prices to gain more profit. If you want to support me further, there is a tip option at check-out where you can round up your purchase but there is no expectation for you to do this!
Do you offer collabs/partnerships where I can receive free items for posts, exposure, posting them etc?
Nope. My time, effort and labour is not free, and my earrings are ONLY £2.50 so if you like them, buy them. Giving away my products to ‘influencers’ for free would be an insult to my fantastic and kind customers who pay full price (sometimes tip me extra!). Please don’t waste your time. 😊
When are you restocking?
I try to restock every week but do keep up to date using my instagram and tiktok @earringsbyamy.
Is your packaging eco-friendly?
I don’t hand make every charm and hoop I sell so I can’t comment on the sustainability of those materials however I am conscious of anything I am in control of. My envelopes are made of recycled material and are made to be recycled so please dispose of them correctly! I back my earrings on scraps of card I have from food packaging and post I receive to eliminate extra waste that most people will simply throw away! I sent my earrings in tissue paper opposed to plastic bags which can be reused for gift wrapping!
Can my order be packed on TikTok?
I welcome requests to be packed on TikTok and I'm grateful that you want to see it! Please feel free to leave a note at checkout with a request. However, due to order volumes and shipping times, the request will not always be met and I will always prioritise getting orders out fast over TikTok. If you do want to see your order on TikTok, please leave a note of your pronouns and how to pronounce your name so I can correctly address you! Many thanks :) See my Tiktok here
My order has arrived but there's an issue (wrong items/damaged goods), what should I do?
If your items arrive broken or faulty, please contact me with your order number and proof and I’ll offer you a full refund or resend them, I’m so sorry!